Nari Kusakawa is the pen name for a Japanese manga artist and creator of The Recipe for Gertrude, Palette of 12 Secret Colors and Two Flowers of the Dragon, whose real name is unknown.

She has accomplished her two goals- Having a box on the side of a page to talk in, And being able to say 'manga artist' is her profession.

In the sidebars of her manga, she often talks about things pertaining to the topic in the chapter of the manga the sidebar is in. For example, if in the manga they are on a trip, the sidebar will contain her thoughts on a trip (packing, an actual trip, etc.). She will, however, warn you if the topic has nothing to do with the story.

Her manga are generally unknown. There have been no anime adaptions of her works. However, The Recipe for Gertrude has made it on American bestseller lists.



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