Nanako SOS (ななこSOS Nanako Esu-ou-esu?) is a seinen manga series created by Hideo Azuma which ran in Popcorn and Just Comic (both published by Kobunsha) from April 1980 to July 1986. The series was adapted into 39-episode anime TV series produced by Kokusai Eiga which aired on the Fuji Television network from April 2, 1983 to December 24, 1983. Azuma created additional manga stories which ran in Azuma Magazine from July 2001 to July 2004.

Enoki Films held the North American distribution rights of TV series, under the name Nana the Supergirl, though the series was never aired in North America. The TV series has also aired in Italy, France, Germany and Russia.


Nana, is a young girl who unexpectedly acquires superpowers and at the same time loses her past memory as the unintended result of a scientific experiment gone awry. The mad scientist high school student who was running the experiment, Tomoshige Yotsuya, says he will help her regain her memories if she will join his detective agency. Nana innocently believes him, but Yotsuya's real intent is to use her powers to benefit his agency and himself.

The story unfolds as Nana encounters a variety of dangerous missions and mysterious events, but her natural sunny disposition helps her through all the incidents as she solves each mystery one after the other.


Nanako (ななこ?)
A shy young girl who has lost her memory. She can fly, has super strength, and can become a giant. She stays with Yotsuya and Shibuya, as Yotsuya has promised to help her get her memory back. They give her a costume and call her "SuperGirl". However, she is unaware that they only want her to help them fight crime. She experiences some strange things as a hero, for example turning into a boy named Nanano. At one point her powers disappear. She has a crush on Yotsuya. Voiced by: Reiko Kitō
Tomoshige Yotsuya (四谷 智茂 Yotsuya Tomoshige?) (Eiichirō Yotsuya (四谷 永一郎 Yotsuya Eiichirō?) in the manga)
A tall, pink-haired, leather-clad biker boy who is there when Nanako gets her powers. He is trying out his latest invention, a machine that can supposedly give a person super intelligence, when he finds Nanako. He promises to help her get her memory back, but he really only wants her to benefit his detective agency. However, he seems to develop feelings for her as time passes. Voiced by: Yūji Mitsuya
Dr. Iidabashi (飯田橋 博士 Iidabashi Hakase?)
Yotsuya's bespectacled classmate, best friend, and fellow detective. He has a crush on Nanako, but that doesn't stop him yelling at her when she does something wrong. He wants to be a mangaka. He is always the guinea pig for Yotsuya's experiments. Voiced by: Tōru Furuya
Dr. Ishikawa (ドクター石川 Dokutā Ishikawa?)
A strange man who is always chasing after Nanako. He seems to be from the military, and fights with a water pistol. Voiced by: Banjō Ginga
Convenience Angel 7 (コンビニエンジ・セブン Konbini Enji Sebun?)
A robot designed by Yotsuya. He sends 7 and 11 to follow Nanako and help her out when needed. Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta
Convenience Angel 11 (コンビニエンジ・イレブン Konbini Enji Irebun?)
A robot designed by Yotsuya. He sends 7 and 11 to follow Nanako and help her out when needed. Voiced by: Kyoko Miyagi

Anime staff

  • Directors: Akira Shigino, Yoshihiko Yamatani, Yoshinobu Shigino, Tetsuro Amino, Tsukasa Sunaga
  • Scenarists: Masaru Yamamoto, Shikichi Ohashi, Asami Watanabe, Tomoko Ishizuka
  • Character Designs: Tsuneo Ninomiya
  • Animation Directors: Geki Katsumata, Shiro Murata, Tsuneo Ninomiya, Yoshiyuki Kikuchi, Masami Abe
  • Music: Ichiro Nitta
  • Production: Kokusai Eiga (Movie International Co., Ltd.), Fuji TV


#EpisodesOriginally AiredTranslation
1超能力の美少女1983-04-02The girl with special abilities
2宇宙豆(そらまめ)の唄が聞こえる1983-04-09I can hear the song of the space bean
3悩める吸血少年!?1983-04-16Troubles of a young vampire!?
4ボスとななこと機関銃1983-04-23Boss and Nanako and the machine gun
5オリーブは悪魔の匂い1983-04-30Olive is the scent of the devil
6オリーブは悪魔の匂い1983-05-07The beautiful Ice Queen
7不思議の国のななこ1983-05-14Nanako of the Mysterious Country
8暴れていいとも! 筋肉娘1983-05-21You may rage! Muscle Lady
9燃えろショジョ寺拳法1983-05-28Blazing Shōjo Fist
10アラブより愛をこめて1983-06-04From Arab with love
11のんびりブッシュマン1983-06-11The peaceful bushman
12ダイエット急行殺人事件1983-06-18 Diet express murder
13セーラー服のサウスポー 1983-06-25Southpaw's sailor uniform
14八ツ仮面村の怪!?1983-07-02Freak of the Hatsu Masked Village!?
15ななこの決死圏1983-07-09Nanako's desperate measures
16オオカミ男だぜい! 1983-07-16I am the Wolfman!
17怪人、百面相の涙1983-07-23Tears of the Hundred-Faced Freak
18北の果て物語1983-07-30Story of the end of the North
19漂流・100万年1983-08-06Exile, a million years
20ななこプロレスの味方です1983-08-13Ally of Nanako pro-wrestler
21ひと夏の思い出1983-08-20Memories of Summer
22ななこハリウッドする1983-08-27Nanako goes to Hollywood
23南の島の秘宝1983-09-03Treasure of the Southern Island
24異次元の冒険1983-09-10Adventure in an alternate reality
25ななこの料理パラダイス1983-09-17Nanako's culinary paradise
26ななこ売ります1983-09-24Nanako for sale
27ななこを愛したスパイ1983-10-01The spy who loves Nanako
28わが心のバイオリン1983-10-08Violin in my mind
29大混戦!? 王女とななこ1983-10-15Riot!? The Queen and Nanako
30スーパーボーイななお1983-10-22Superboy Nanao
31危うし!よろずカンパニー1983-11-05Watch out! Yoruzu Company
32いけいけマリンウォーズ 1983-11-12 Go, go, marine wars
33小倉のプロポーズ大作戦1983-11-19Kokura's proposal strategy
34消えた超能力!?1983-11-19The disappeared special abilities!?
35四谷にホレた天才少女!?1983-11-26The prodigy who appeared in Yotsuya!?
36ななこのお見舞い日記1983-12-03The day to visit Nanako
37星に願いを1983-12-10Wish upon a star
38トキと駆ける少女1983-12-17Toki and the running girl
39また会う日まで1983-12-24Till the day we meet again

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