Nana to Kaoru (ナナとカオル?) is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Ryuta Amazume. It was initially serialised in the magazine Young Animal Arashi,[1] but later moved to Young Animal.[2][3] There have been five manga volumes as of October 2010. The third volume, released in January 2010,[4] was the top 30th book sold in the week of 25–31 January 2010.[5]

An anime OVA is to be bundled with the sixth manga volume, released on March 29, 2011.[6] A live-action adaptation will also be produced by VAP.


Nana Chigusa (千草奈々 Chigusa Nana?)
Kaoru Sugimura (杉村 薫 Sugimura Kaoru?)


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