Nana Haruta (春田なな Haruta Nana?), born Yuki Yamashita (山下由紀 Yamashita Yuki?) on June 30, 1985, is a female Japanese manga artist. Haruta made her professional manga debut while still in high school in the December 2000 issue of Ribon;[1] at the age of 15, this makes her one of the youngest manga artists to enter the industry.[2]


Manga series

  • (2002) Teens Blues (ティーンズブルース Tīnzu Burūzu?)[3]
  • (2003) Samurai Darling (侍ダーリン Samurai Dārin?)[4]
  • (2003) Itoshi no Goshujin-sama (いとしのご主人サマ Itoshi no Goshujin-sama?)[5]
  • (2004) Cactus's Secret (サボテンの秘密 Saboten no Himitsu?)[6]; English translation: Cactus's Secret (2010)[7]
  • (2005) Love-Berrish! (ラブ・ベリッシュ! Rabu Berisshu!?)[8]
  • (2007) Chocolate Cosmos (チョコレートコスモス Chokorēto Kosumosu?)[9]
  • (2009) Stardust Wink (スターダスト★ウインク Sutādasuto★Uinku?)[10]


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