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Myco (born February 27, 1979 in Shinjuku, Tokyo) is a Japanese singer, seiyū (voice actor) and radio personality.

She was the vocalist for the band Changin' My Life, which was formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2003. She was the voice actor for the main character of the hit anime Full Moon o Sagashite, Mitsuki, and the band did the music for the show.

She has released one full solo album. She was on a hiatus between 2004 to 2007.

On January 12, 2008, she joined a rock band called Quintillion Quiz with Ju-ken (bass) and Masanori Mine (guitar).[1]


With Changin' My Life


#TitleRelease dateOricon</br> Charts rank
1"Luv.Remix"May 30, 200126[2]
2"Star Dust"October 31, 200260[3]
3"Myself"June 12, 200215[4]
4"Eternal Snow"July 11, 200218[5]
5"Étranger/Love Chronicle" (エトランゼ/Love Chronicle?)February 13, 200324[6]
6"In Future"May 21, 200381[7]
7"Kurisumasu ni Kuchizuke o" (クリスマスにくちづけを?, "A Kiss for Christmas")November 19, 200392[8]


#TitleRelease date
1"Changin' My Life"July 26, 2002
2"Caravan"March 19, 2003
3"The Best of My Life"December 17, 2003


#TitleRelease date
1"Eternal Snow"November 7, 2002
2"CML Video Clips 1"September 26, 2003



#TitleRelease date
1"Mata Koi shiyō" (また恋しよう?)February 18, 2004
2"Hibari"July 28, 2004


#TitleRelease date
1"my-collage"August 18, 2004


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ko:마이코 (가수)

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