My Dear Marie (ぼくのマリー Boku no Marī?) is a series of manga comic books by Sakura Takeuchi and later a short-lived anime series.

When the anime was originally released in English language, the English dubbed version was titled separately as Metal Angel Marie, but this name was discontinued for later releases.


My Dear Marie was originally published as part of Weekly Young Jump, but later had at least 10 manga books dedicated to it. These have not been translated to English.


The English language versions were released by ADV Films. Only three episodes of the anime were ever made.


  1. The Birth of Marie
  2. The Appearance of Hibiki Kennou
  3. Dreaming Android - this episode is a reference to the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


  • Manga Max Magazine, Issue 14, January 2000

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