My-HiME Project (舞-HiMEプロジェクト) is a franchise starting from the year 2004, the designation of the mix media of the Sunrise' anime series and anime production company.


In 2008, the franchise was produced in these projects are the first of the series, My-HiME, the second of the series, My-Otome, along with My-Otome Zwei, and My-Otome 0~S.ifr~ and the third shot as a bullet, have developed a light novel, like My-HiME Destiny, but the characters' are being serialized in each issues. Also in 2008, a new project in June, the official site of My-HiME series' My-HiME Rhapsody Cats @ Princess Diaries, has been released.

In a sense, the Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA producers say, anything besides My-HiME/Otome franchise, but within the same team said it is part of the My-HiME project.

Differences in My-HiME Project

My-HiME characters still appear in the project

The names are different and most likely changes a lot. In parentheses, after the name of the character is My-HiME/ My-Otome.

Same common surname

Change the name or other settings

Cast from the work of another

Different settings

Setting the stage
Fuuka Academy in Country of Japan
Set piece
Monster that occur within the academy(orphan) starts with a character and fight.
Major characters
The major characters takes place in Fuuka Academy are Mai Tokiha, Natsuki Kuga, Mikoto Minagi and Yuuichi Tate
Setting the stage
In anime, Garderobe in the colonies outside Earth and Planetary Aries.
In manga, Garderobe in the earth's future.
Set piece
Our heroine "OTOME" training in the academy to become.
Major characters
The major characters takes place in Garderobe are Arika Yumemiya, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, Nina Wong, Erstin Ho and Sergay Wáng

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