Plot Summary

Mx0 is a manga about Kuzumi Taiga, a regular high school student mixed up in a far-from-regular magic school world. In the beginning, Kuzumi is asked at the school entrance interview for Seinagi High School what he would do if he could use magic. He casually replies "Take over the world", only to be laughed at by a very cute passing girl student. Believing that this girl is the cause of his failure to get into the school, he decides to break into Seinagi high to track down this beauty and give her a piece of his mind. One of the teachers, Hiiragi-sensei catches him and pulls him into this school, and through a comical series of events, he ends up joining the magic high school, Seinagi High School, as the only person in the school who cannot use magic! Even worse, his worst enemy, Hiiragi-sensei, turns out to be the father of the girl he came to look for!

Kuzumi Taiga
Hiiragi Aika
Ise Kaoru