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Musa is a fictional character in the Winx Club animated series. Her first appearance was in the second episode of the first season, Benvenuti a Magix (translation: Welcome to Magix!) (4kids dub: More than High School). She is Tecna's roommate for the series.

Personality profile

Musa is a fairy from the planet Melody, or Harmonic Nebula, where she once lived. Her mother died when she was very young. She loves her dad a lot. Her mother had an amazing voice and her dad was a prince and a pianist (the site states he's a drummer), but after her mother's death, her dad was devastated and refused music, and even once threatened to withdraw Musa from Alfea for appearing at a concert at Red Fountain.

Her birthday is May 30. Musa was 16 years old at the beginning of the series. Her best friend is Tecna and they shared a dorm room. Their powers are similar yet different, as they are both technologically based. Musa in season 3 is the only winx member who literally tried to claw Tecna out of the Omega when Tecna got her Enchantix saving Andros. She was the most upset when Tecna was sucked into the Omega, screaming out her frustration while the other Winx members wept.

She loves music, dancing, singing, and playing all instruments. Her favorite is the concert flute. Musa usually plays amazing music, but plays best when she is alone at Alfea in a quiet spot. Despite being the most tomboyish of the Winx Club, she is the most emotionally vulnerable. Musa compensates by putting up a tough front. Her emotional weakness is probably a result from her mother's early death and father being far away.

Musa is also a bit of a loner, she also has a crush on Riven. They both don't admit they like each other until the end of Season two and start dating. However, prior to this, a bit of attraction between the two can be seen. Their relationship is difficult sometimes (Riven is a complicated and moody guy), but is firm.

Surprisingly (considering Tecna is the brain of the group), Musa gets the best grades of the group, as mentioned in the 15th episode of the first season (in both versions by RAI and 4kids).

In Season three, Musa admits she wanted to break up with Riven, but they later reconcile. Later on in the season, she is chosen by Arcadia to choose between eternal happiness with her dead mother and saving the magical universe. It was a difficult choice for her, but she had to remain loyal to her duty to protect the universe. In doing so, she claimed the final of the Water Stars that would be able to defeat Baltor.In Indian version,Musa was voiced by Asha Sachdeva in season 4.


Musa has blackish blue hair in bunches, deep blue eyes and pale skin tone. Her daily outfit consists of a red tank top with a sing strap, one purple colored armband that alternates being placed either upon her right (usual) or left arm, baggy jeans that sag so you can see her pink underwear, and red sneakers.

Her other outfit, from season 2 onwards, is a checkered turquoise long tube top with a red belt over teal pants, which include teal wrist to elbow sleeves and aqua sneakers. As of season 3, Musa sports longer, fuller hair, which is still worn in bunches. However, her current look varies in Season 4, her primary theme consisting of a brand new magenta outfit and versatile hair-styles. Her straight, blue-black locks grow in extreme length and are mainly kept loose. Her overall look is more feminine and refined.

  • Seasons 1 & 2:

[1] In the first two seasons, Musa wore her hair as short pigtails (as shown above), even saying (in the 4kids version's first episode of the second season) "I'm not going to change my pigtails. They were all the rage at Wizardpalooza." However, she got her hair spelled in the 3rd season premiere and now has long pigtails.

  • Season 3:

[2] In the first episode of the third season, Musa submitted to a make-over and changed her appearance. The length of her hair had increased to reach her waist and her sideburns had grown to appear longer and fuller. Some believe that this was for the hair of her Enchantix and although the hair can lengthen during the transformation, this is unlikely.

[3] Her Winx outfit is a sparkling red top with translucent pink fabric at the middle, a red mini skirt, and knee-high wedge red boots. She also wears purple headphones atop her head and purple ribbons around her fore-arms (the one on her left arm has loose ends hanging from it). Her wings are translucent bright blue with purple bands in the middle. Her Charmix is a treble clef pin and CD-player shaped waist bag. Musa earns her Charmix by trusting Riven, something she has not been able to do since he briefly ditched her for Darcy in Season 1.


File:Musa enchantix.jpg

Her Enchantix outfit is primarily magenta, with tangerine-yellow frilly trimming, pink, translucent above-the-elbow gloves, and light yellow, ample wings which appear rectangular with bejeweled speckles of purple and purple jewels dangling from the ends. Her skirt is a puffy and separated into diamonds with tangerine-yellow frilly trimming dangling on her left at her waist. Unlike the other Winx girls, her hairstyle does not change (as it had always been in bunches prior to this transformation), although does grow in length a few more inches. She has also discarded her magenta boots and dons gold strapped sandals connected by oval buttons, and wears a thistle colored tiara upon her head. In pictures of her Enchantix form, certain parts appear slightly different from the show on the Winx Club website, such as the design of her tiara. She is the 3rd Winx Club member to earn her Enchantix. Her fairy dust vial is pink surrounded by a cyan spinning mobile w/one piece dangling.

She earned her Enchantix after saving Princess Galatea from a fire The Trix had started in the Alfea library, in the 10th episode of Season 3.

[4] Her Believix outfit starts out with a magenta tank top with only the left strap holding it up, though a thin pale pink strap is seen on her right and a blue strip of cloth that attaches to a choker around her neck that connects to the torso. She wears magenta hot pants with an azure blue belt over a pair of pale purple-blue capris pants with a transparent gossamer ruffled skirt tied behind her waist. She wears a pair of below-the-elbow, fingerless pale pink gloves and ankle-length bright red platform shoes with ruffled red socks and pale pink heels. She wears a magenta pink band in her hair and a thin, braided ponytail is on the right side of her head. Lastly, her wings are almost like they were as in their Enchantix stage, but the ends are rounded up and sport a music-note shape, in a sense, lined in magenta-red with purple-blue on the inside.

Magical Abilities and Transformation Sequences

Musa is from The Harmonic Nebula, the planet of music;[1] her powers are related to sound waves and music.

Musa's powers are connected, not just with music, but the actual power of sound waves and sonic pressure. She also has "sonar ears", allowing her to hear just about anything. Musa can create sonic vibes and pulses which charge through the air like energy blasts. She can conjure any instrument by mere thought and is able to unleash disrupting sonic booms which can split the earth and crash the air. She usually uses attacks that are disco themed and can create disco-ball force-fields, distracting musical blasts, and virtual speakers which enclose around an enemy and immobilize them through incredibly loud bass music. Musa can also create walls and barriers of the musical scale and explosive musical notes. She may or may not have a hypnotic singing voice and a sonic scream.

Winx: Musa's transformation sequence is not very detailed, but it lasts as long as the other girls' transformations (0:09) except for Bloom's and Tecna's. First, Musa jumps around on a disco floor, and then crosses her hands above her head. There is a white flash and Musa's boots and main outfit materialize in a flash of cyan and red disco squares moving upwards until her entire outfit is complete. There is another flash and Musa's accessories have appeared, except for the ribbon on her left arm, which ties itself on around her left arm as she runs on a rotating giant CD.

Charmix: Musa's Charmix is very short. First you see her in a yellow backdrop with mist around her. She spins while you see her yell. Still spinning, You see a treble cleft charm appear on her dress. The camera goes down while you see her outfit, Then she spins three times and a fanny pack appears in the shape of a CD player. She then poses in a sort of James Bond pose and mist surrounds her, Then beaming a yellow light in the form of a circle that surrounds the camera.

Enchantix: Musa's Enchantix Transformation Sequence is longer than her Winx sequence (0:38). First, she holds her hands limp and then raises them to opposite diagonals; at the same time, light wraps around her arms, creating her gloves. After she crosses her wrists, a string of pink light (revealed, on closer inspection, to be a note less musical measure) wraps around her left arm. She twirls around twice, wrapping the string around her, and in a flash of light, the string becomes her outfit. Her hair floats and covers the screen. After that her wings form in a materialization of sparkles and she appears, joining her wings to her back and twirls around. After one final flash of light, she strikes her final pose.

Believix: Musa's Believix Transformation Sequence is a lot less detailed than her Enchantix and Winx,and it is the shortest along with Roxy's (0:25). A disco-themed dance floor with flashing lights above is shown as she spins around on her hands (she is already wearing elbow-length gloves) before flipping back onto her feet. She twirls around a bit and shoes appear on her bare feet shortly before the silhouette fades, showing that she is already in her full outfit. A flash of light fills the screen before showing Musa drifting in midair towards us, a glowing bar of music tying her ponytail into a braid. Finally, a flood of colored lights then flash on above her and liquor as she flies through them, all of them blending together on her back as she spins to face us and solidify into her wings.


  • Sonic Blast: a blast of high-frequency sound waves (Winx-level Spell, called Mega Sound in the original Italian version).
  • Boogie Blaster: known only by its dub name, Musa creates a disco ball that shoots out energy bursts from all sides.
  • Disco Barrier: creates a magenta, spherical shield around her (Enchantix-level Spell).
  • Enchantix Sonic Sphere: traps her opponents in a sphere of gray and red disruptive sound (Enchantix-level Spell).
  • Harmonic Blast: blasts multiple enemies with magical force (Believix-level Spell).
  • Stereo Crash: shoots out two separate pink-purple spheres that collide into one on the target (Believix-level Spell).
  • Magical Echo: forms and fires a pink-purple energy ball that releases magical vibrations on contact.
  • Sonic Screen: used a couple of times, Musa summons a red, white, and blue-colored record that acts as a shield.
  • Funky Force Field: forms a disco shaped barrier around her
  • Enchantix Bass Boom : She blasts her enemies with Bass Boom (Fused with enchantix energy)
  • Enchantix Bass Wrap (Musa and Flora convergence magic) : Flora releases her enchantix Ivy Wrap spell and Musa releases her enchantix Bass Boom spell in tandem
  • Sound Barrier While playing her magical flute, she can create a sound barrier.
  • Bright Heart: Musa's Believing power
  • Boogie Beam: Musa uses this once in season 1, It creates a purple beam that blast's music very loudly defeating their opponent.
  • Sound Wave (Musa and Layla convergence): Creates a blue stream of sound


In the first season, Musa shows affections for Riven, but says she doesn't like him after discovering that he was dating Darcy and after he left her to deal with attacking witches on her own. He was sent down a portal but luckily returned. Although, when Darcy's spell is broken, and Riven returns, he tells Musa he has feelings for her, but the two do not date. Her bond is quite strong with Tecna, Stella and Layla.

In the second season, Musa and Riven's affections are stronger. Musa gains her Charmix because she learns to trust Riven. Musa becomes best friends with Layla, to whom she entrusts the entire story about her mom's death. Musa and her father's relationship becomes stronger and he begins to accept the fact that Musa likes Riven. Musa and Riven date in the near end of the season.

In the third season, Musa and Riven nearly break up. The two argue a lot and this causes a lot of tension, but the two stay together in the end.

In the movie, Musa and Riven's relationship is shown to improve. Riven is possessed by Mandragora, and when he is about to kill Sky, Musa jumps in front of him. Riven sees what he has done and has flashbacks of everything that he and Musa have been through. He carries her in his arms as she cries asking him why he did what he did, which he responds to sorrow and tells her that he now knows what he must fight for – Musa.

In the fourth season, Musa and Riven's arguments come back in play when Musa gets a recording deal with a manager whom Riven is not very fond of. The manager seems to have deep affections for Musa and Musa seems to have a small crush on him, although she is aware that deep inside, her heart belongs to Riven. her crush was ended when she was invited to the manager wedding. (Musa and Riven)They break up in episode 10 and get back together in episode 19 near the middle. Musa is still best friends with Layla.

Among all of the Winx Club members, Layla is probably the closest to Musa (both share the same love for music). However, Musa states in the official website that Tecna is actually her best friend, while Layla states that her best friend is Flora. Musa is also very close to Stella, although they may have some conflicts at first.

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