Muka Muka Paradise (ムカムカパラダイス?) is a manga series by Yumiko Igarashi and Fumiko Shiba, serialized between March 1993 and September 1994 in Shogakukan's Ciao magazine. It was later adapted into a 51 episode anime that aired in Japan between September 4, 1993 and August 27, 1994. The story revolves around a young girl named Uiba Shikatani and her newly found pet dinosaur, which is named after the only words that come out of its mouth, Muka Muka.


Uiba Shikatani
Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe
Muka Muka
Voiced by: Chika Sakamoto


  1. ISBN 4-09-134841-6 published in September 1993
  2. ISBN 4-09-134842-4 published in March 1994
  3. ISBN 4-09-134843-2 published in October 1994

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