Mrs. Pepper Pot[1], known in Japanese as Spoon Oba-san (スプーンおばさん Supūn Obasan?, lit. "Aunt Spoon"), is a Japanese anime television series, which premiered on NHK from April 1983 to March 1984, spanning 130 episodes.[1] It is based on the novel Mrs. Pepperpot by the Norwegian author Alf Prøysen. It was also later aired in Japan by the satellite television network Animax.[citation needed]

The series was later aired across several countries worldwide, and has been translated into English[citation needed] and several other languages.


Mrs. Pepper Pot lives in a small little village with her husband. She wears a small magical teaspoon around her neck which every now and then shrinks her to the size of her teaspoon which doesn't shrink as well, and she must drag it along with her on her back when she gets shrunk. She always changes back to her original size after a certain amount of time. This special condition had its advantages - she can communicate with animals and enjoy wonderful adventures in the woods. This way she wins new and interesting friends on a regular basis. She is a good friend of Lily, a mysterious little girl who lives in the forest alone, she is also friends with a mouse family. She can not reveal her secret or show herself in the shrunk condition, which sometimes gets quite difficult. Her husband, Mr. Pepperpot eventually finds out his wife's secret, later on in the series.


  • Mrs. Pepper Pot - the main character of the series. She possesses a magic spoon which changes her size unexpectedly.
  • Mr. Pepper Pot - Mrs. Pepper Pot's husband. He is a professional Painter and decorator. Stubborn, hotheaded and rigid character. He is unaware of Mrs. Pepper Pot's secret which she hides from him.
  • Lily - a mysterious girl who lives in the forest with her pet Mink. She is the only one who knows Mrs. Pepperpot's secret and she helps her keep the secret.
  • Mouse family - a pair of mice which all their offspring are named after the alphabet letters.


The ending theme of Mrs. Pepper Pot is one of the arcade game Bomb Jack's music numbers.

Regional releases

A Japanese DVD Region 2 box set of the series was produced in 2005.


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