Moto Kikaku (モト企画?)[1][2] (formerly Motomiya Kikaku 本宮企画) is a group of Japanese manga artists, founded by Hiroshi Motomiya (本宮ひろ志).[3] They're best known in the West for the Strider Hiryu manga (published by Kadokawa Shoten), which was developed as a tie-in to Capcom's video game hit Strider.[4] The group had input in Strider 2's character designs[citation needed], and the original manga's plot was adapted as the plot of the NES version.[4]

However, Strider was not the only Moto Kikaku property to be adapted. Capcom based four games off of Motomiya's Tenchi wo Kurau series: Destiny of an Emperor and Destiny of an Emperor II for the NES, and Dynasty Wars and Warriors of Fate for the CPS-1.

Moto Kikaku is credited whenever Strider Hiryu appears in a game. On the staff roll for the PC-Engine port of Warriors of Fate, they share a "Special Thanks" credit on the same line with Hiroshi Motomiya.[5]

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