More Starlight to Your Heart (もっと☆心に星の輝きを Motto Kokoro ni Hoshi no Kagayaki wo?) is a shōnen manga by Hiro Matsuba. It takes place in Heian period in Japan and follows the adventures of Akane, the daughter of a high-ranked official, who enters the imperial court as a servant in order to be closer to her beloved Aogi.

The manga consists of eight volumes and was published in Japan by Mag Garden. ADV Manga published two volumes in the United States in English between 2004 and 2005. As of November 2006, there has been no news of any further publication by ADV.


The heroine of the story, she is the daughter of the High Councilor and the Naishi no Kami. She entered the imperial court in order to see her childhood sweetheart, Aogi. She is also known as Katsura in court.
The hero of the story, he is Akane's lover. He is also a minor captain of the palace guards, and very popular with the woman servants (because of his good looks).
Akane's friend in court, and she is also in love with Aogi.
The Naishi no Kami and Akane's mother. She supports the fact that her daughter is in the imperial court.
Middle Captain Tou
Akane's brother, who is higher in rank than Aogi. He is on friendly terms with Aogi and often gives him advice about Akane. He is also very popular with the woman servants (yet again because of his good looks).
A servant from Reikei Hall: A notorious gossiper in the court.
Lady Jiju (Natchan)
A friend of Satsuki who is incredibly shy who likes Yakumo.

Hikoboshi: Akane's mischievous cat



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