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Puri-Puri Man (プリプリマン), Monsieur Cheeks in the English dub, is a fictional villain from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman: Nisei. While Monsieur Cheeks, literally a giant butt-head, first appeared briefly in the original opening of Kinnikuman and in one panel of the manga, he was not involved directly in a storyline until the anime Ultimate Muscle's second season. He is one of the few characters from Kinnikuman to not have a M.U.S.C.L.E. or Kinkeshi figure


  • Classification: Akuma Choujin
  • Homeland: Cameroon 23x15px / France 23x15px
  • Height: 191 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 136 kg (300 lbs)
  • Chōjin Power: 970,000
  • Trademark Technique: Gas Explosion, Butt Driver
  • Tag Teams: Poison Six Pack group 2 (with Mr. French)
  • First Appearance: 7 Devil Chōjin Arc

Voice actors


Butt Driver
M. Cheeks jumps up and drives the opponent's head into the ring.
Gas Explosion
M. Cheeks ejects a very pungent cloud onto his opponent.
M. Cheeks spins his arms rapidly into two blades capable of shredding granite
Four on the Floor
M. Cheeks turns his hands into feet and kicks his opponent with all four, blocks a suplex or throw move, or becomes quadrapedal for extra speed.



Puri-Puri Man (literally "angry smelly man") appeared in one panel of the manga when Buffaloman's Akuma Choujin attacked Kinnikuman. He also appears twice during the original opening of the Kinnikuman anime. His name appeared as the 51st place in the train tossing event in the original Kinnikuman manga; this may indicate that he was not actually one of the Akuma Choujin.

Kinnikuman: Nisei

Monsieur Cheeks reappears during the Poison Six Pack arc of Kinnikuman: Nisei after becoming a Rear Admiral in the French navy, becoming a French citizen in the process. He and Mr. French face off against Wally Tusket and Dik-dik van Dik for Trixie's freedom. Though M. Cheeks starts out strong, Dikdik gains the upper hand by slapping his face in a simulation of a spanking. M. Cheeks is defeated by a combination of Checkmate's interference by executing a Pile Driver Stallion Style and Dikdik van Dik's Savanna Heat. After his defeat, M. Cheeks became an Idol Choujin and provided the recaps of the previous episodes during the third season of Ultimate Muscle, finishing each recap with an exclamation of "Let's get to the bottom of it!"

Career Information


  • Smelly Frenchmen

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Poison Six Pack group 2 (Mr. French)
  • X Dikdik van Dik and Wally Tusket

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