Monkey High! (サルヤマっ!! Saruyama!?) is a Japanese manga written by Shouko Akira and published by Shogakukan. The manga is serialised in Shogakukan's Betsucomi. The manga is licensed for an English-language release by Viz Media.[1]


  • Haruna Aizawa is the new transfer student. She transferred out of her old school because her father was involved in a political scandal. At first, she is very reserved and quite condescending to her fellow peers, comparing them to monkeys. She quickly ends up falling for Masaru and even though they start to date she likes to deny her feelings for him due to embarrassment.
  • Masaru "Macharu" Yamashita is a goofy boy that attends Haruna's new school. He is often referred to as 'The Baby Monkey' because of his personality and appearance. He is very close with Atsu. Macharu's family runs a produce store, which keeps both of his parents busy. His little sister, Misato, resembles him closely. Like Haruna he quickly falls for her. The two eventually go out. Masaru thinks that he will marry Haruna one day and was so sure about this he told her father this.
  • Atsuyuki Kidao is a classmate and friend of both Haruna and Masaru. He is the student council president, and is popular with the girls. Though he seems like a player, Atsu is very kind and caring, often helping Masaru and Haruna make up when they fight. Later on, however, he seems to develop feelings for Haruna, though he doesn't act on it till later on in the story. He often teases Masaru. His family runs a beauty salon.
  • Chika is a classmate. She attended middle school with Haruna where she was the captain of the girls' basket ball team. Chika greatly admires Haruna, resulting in her thinking Masaru isn't good enough for Haruna. Chika joins the student council with Atsu.
  • Kobuhei is a classmate. He is seen as comical as others often tease him because he is really fat. Though he doesn't have good looks, Kobuhei is talented in singing, even joining a band and getting gigs.


Theron Martin at Anime News Network comments on the author's depiction of both the male and female lead having the same height.[2] Manga Life's Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane commends the author for "contrasting the emotional moments and the hectic school scenes".[3] Comics Worth Reading's Johanna Draper Carlson comments on the manga's uniqueness in the shōjo genre.[4]


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