Mochiru Hoshisato (星里もちる Hoshisato Mochiru?, born January 1, 1961) is a Japanese manga artist.[1][2] His simple drawing style reflects the gentle nature of his often romantic tales of modern young Japanese salary-men. While Living Game has been favorably compared to Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku, Hoshisato's Yume-ka mo Shinnai and Honki no Shirushi contain fewer superfluous side-plots than Living Game, but may be just too depressing for some readers to enjoy.[citation needed]


Listed chronologically.


The Danger Is Walking (危険がウォーキング Kiken ga Wōkingu?)
1986-1989, Tokuma Shoten, 4 volumes, originally published in Petit Apple Pie anthology.
About a girl who "sweats" nitroglycerin, and therefore must constantly be eating and drinking things to cool her down.
Strained Spouse Rumble (いきばた主夫ランブル Ikibata Shufu Ranburu?)
1989, Tokuma Shotem, 1 volume.
Cocktail - Ponytail (かくてる・ポニーテール Kakuteru Ponītēru?)
1990, Tokuma Shoten, 1 volume.
Wazuka Is Right Before You (わずかいっちょまえ Wazu ka Iccho Mae?)
1991, Tokuma Shoten, 1 volume.
Only Half (ハーフな分だけ Hāfu na Bundake?)
1991, Shogakukan, 2 volumes.
A couple is drawn together despite mutual dislike.
Living Game
1991-1993, Shogakukan, 10 volumes.
A salaryman's apartment is turned into temporary office following a disaster at the new office.
Let's Get Married (結婚しようよ Kekkon Shiyō yo?)
1994-1995, Shogakukan, 6 volumes.
A marriage agency composed of marryable people.
It Might Be a Dream (夢かもしんない Yume Kamoshinnai?)
1996-1997, Shogakukan, 5 volumes.
Rice Omelet (オムライス Omuraisu?)
1998-2000, Shogakukan, 5 volumes.
The Mark of Truth (本気のしるし Honki no Shirushi?)
2000-2003, Shogakukan, 6 volumes.
Need and obligations trump complacency.
Worried Yome-san (気になるヨメさん Ki ni Naru Yome-san?)
2002, Shogakukan, 2 volumes.
Luna Heights (ルナハイツ Runa Haitsu?)
2003-2004, Shogakukan, 4 volumes.
More salaryman apartment social complications.
Monster House (怪獣の家 Kaijū no Ie?)
2004-2005, Shogakukan, 2 volumes.

Manga essay

Mochi Is a Mochi Seller (モチはモチ屋 Mochi wa Mochiya?)
(2000, Mainichi Communications, 1 volume)


Romancia (ロマンシア Romanshia?)
(1987-08-01, JICC Shuppankyoku, 1 volume)



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