Mizuki Kawashita
Born August 30, 1971
Shizuoka, Japan
Pen name Mikan Momokuri
Occupation Manga artist
Nationality Japanese
Genres Romantic comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural
Subjects Shōnen, manga

Mizuki Kawashita (河下 水希 Kawashita Mizuki?, born August 30, 1971, in Shizuoka, Japan) is a female Japanese manga artist, best known for her work Strawberry 100%. During the early part of her career, she wrote and illustrated under the pen name Mikan Momokuri (桃栗 みかん Momokuri Mikan?). Her first public work was a doujinshi called Innocent in 1993.[citation needed] Kawashita's longest running manga series, Strawberry 100%, was adapted into a twenty six episode anime television series which premiered in Japan during 2005 and spawned five original video animation spin offs. One of her more recent manga series, Hatsukoi Limited, was adapted into an twelve episode anime television series which ran in 2009. Other works by Mizuki Kawashita include Lilim Kiss, Akane-chan overdrive and more recent Ane Doki [1]


  • (1997) Sora no Seibun (空の成分?), as "Mikan Momokuri"[2]
  • (1999) Akane-chan Over Drive (あかねちゃん OVER DRIVE?), as "Mikan Momokuri"[2]
  • (1999) Kaede Typhoon (かえで台風?), as "Mikan Momokuri"[2]
  • (2000) Ririmu Kissu (りりむキッス?, Lilim Kiss)[2]
  • (2002) Ichigo 100% (いちご100%?); English translation: Strawberry 100% (2007)[2]
  • (2007) Hatsukoi Rimiteddo (初恋限定。?, Hatsukoi Limited)[2]
  • (2009) Ane Dokii (あねどきっ?, Ane Doki)[2]
  • (2010) My Idol (私のアイドル Boku no Idol) [2]


  • Koorihime Kitan
  • Natsuiro Graffiti
  • Sonezaki Shinjuu
  • Kanojo to Natsu to Boku


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