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Miyu Irino (入野 自由 Irino Miyu?) (February 19, 1988 - ) is a Japanese voice actor born in Tokyo. He is a good friend of seiyuu Mamoru Miyano. He is nicknamed "Miyu-Miyu" (みゆみゆ) by CLAMP members.

On June 26, 2009, he has released his debut mini-album called "Soleil" and in August 2009, Irino will play a leading role in the movie "Monochrome Girl". His first single album, Faith, was released on November 25, 2009.

Voice roles

Television animation

Bold denotes leading roles.


Theater animation

Video games

Drama CD

Tsubasa Chronicle Drama CD 「王宮のマチネ」Chapter.2 ~ありえないゴール~ as Syaoran
(Performed Kizuna)
Tsubasa Chronicle Drama CD 「王宮のマチネ」Chapter.3 ~言えないセリフ~ as Syaoran
(Performed Yume no Tsubasa with Yui Makino)

Original Soundtrack

  • Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection (Performed Kizuna)

Dubbing roles

Movie (Acting)


  1. Katoh, Hidekazu et al. "Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle". (May 2007) Newtype USA. pp. 26-33.

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