Mitsuo Iwata (岩田 光央 Iwata Mitsuo, born July 31, 1967) is a seiyū who was born in Tokorozawa, Saitama.[1] He is married to fellow seiyū Rikako Aikawa.[2] His blood type is A. praised him as "truly one of the greatest seiyū".[3] complimented him for the role of Tetsuya from Outlanders.[4] comments on his role of Kintaro Oe (Golden Boy) that he "practiced months before hand, to the point of going hoarse from overwork, to perfect Kintaro's voice" and "there's no one who could replace him for this role".[3]

Notable voice roles


Leading roles in bold.


Video games

Dubbing roles (live-action)

Dubbing roles (animation)



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