For other uses, see Mitsuo Hashimoto.

Mitsuo Hashimoto (はしもと みつお or 橋本 光男 Hashimoto Mitsuo?) is a Japanese manga artist born 5 November 1955 in Sayama, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. After winning an honorable mention at the 11th Tezuka Awards in 1976 for his work Mīnya no Negai,[1] he made his professional debut the following year in a special issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump with his work The Two Are Rivals (二人はライバル Futari wa Raibaru?). Since that time, he has published works in a variety of Shogakukan shōnen and seinen manga magazines.

His definitive works include Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime (art) and Itsumo Hōkago. Manga artist Hidenori Hara was his assistant for a time. Hashimoto was the assistant for Motoka Murakami for a time.


All works are published by Shogakukan unless otherwise indicated.


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