Mitsukazu Mihara (三原ミツカズ Mihara Mitsukazu?, born October 17, 1970 in Hiroshima) is an influential Japanese illustrator credited with helping shape the GothLoli look through her work in the "Gothic & Lolita Bible", as well as in other subsequent manga (notably her acclaimed "DOLL" series).

In 1994, she won the first "Feel Young New Face Manga Awards" Judges’ Special Prize with her short work, "The Children Who Don’t Need Rubbers."

She resides in Osaka, Japan.

Her artwork also graces the covers of the Gothic & Lolita Bible from vol 1. through vol. 8.



  • Shūseki Kairo no Himawari (集積回路のヒマワリ?, IC in a Sunflower)
    (1994–97, Shodensha, 1 volume, ISBN 4396761716; English translation, 2007)
  • Happī Famirī (カトゥル・カール?, Happy Family)
    (1994–98, Shodensha, 3 volumes)
  • Beautiful People (ビューティフルピープル Byūtifurupīpuru?)
    (1997–2001, Shodensha, 1 volume, ISBN 4396762585; English translation, 2006)
  • Dōru (ドール?, Doll)
    (1998–2002, Shodensha, 6 volumes; English translation, 2004)
  • Haunted House (ホーンテッドハウス Hōnteddohausu?)
    (1998–2002, Shodensha, 1 volume, ISBN 4396762887; English translation, 2006)
  • R.I.P.: Requiem in Phonybrian
    (1999–2000, 1 volume; English translation, 2006)
  • Shigeshōshi (死化粧師?, The Embalmer)
    (2002–05, Feel Young, Shodensha, 5 volumes; English translation, 2006)
  • Dokuhime (毒姫?, Poison Princess)
    (2 volumes)
  • Tamashī no Futago (たましいのふたご?, The Twin Souls)
    (2006, Shodensha, 1 volume, ISBN 4396763956)


Art collections

  • Alice Addict
  • Chocolate

Card box

  • Coffin of Fools[3]


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