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Minus ion (マイナスイオン?) is a Japanese marketing term that became trendy around from 1999 to 2003, referring to something in the atmosphere that is allegedly good for health. The wasei-eigo is sometimes translated in English as negative ion in articles about Japanese products and services. However, the term "negative ion" has also been used in physics-related topics unrelated to personal well-being and marketing. Minus ions are considered as pseudoscience. Products and services that claim to emit minus ion include air conditioners, humidifiers, wrist watches [1], and public baths (sentō)[2]; in the advertisements, scientific explanation as to what "minus ion" is, what its benefits are, and how it works are often not forthcoming.

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  1. 2009: Silicone Wristband Watch Imazine by Gotop, also see
  2. A 1999 promotional poster by the Tokyo Public Bath Union claiming that the minus ion effect makes the bath feel good

zh:負離子 (流行語)

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