Minene Sakurano (桜野 みねね Sakurano Minene?) is the nom de plume[1] of a Japanese manga artist born on November 29[1] in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.[2]

Sakurano made her debut in 1995 with her story Mother Doll, which tied for first place in the 1st Enix 21st Century Manga Prize contest, sharing the prize with Yasaka Mamiko's Kaze no Daidōzoku.[3] Her representative work is Mamotte Shugogetten, which was adapted into an anime TV series and an OVA series. After a dispute in 2001, Sakurano stopped publishing Shugogetten in Enix's Shōnen Gangan and moved publication to Comic Blade, published by Mag Garden under the title Mamotte Shugogetten! Retrouvailles.


All works are listed chronologically.


Art books


These are anthologies in which Sakurano's works appeared.

  • Eris Futatabi... (エリス再び?), (Super Comic Gekijō Vol.1: Tōshinden 2, Enix)
  • Daichi no Ken (大地の剣?), (Super Comic Gekijō Vol.2: Fire Emblem, Enix)


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