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Min Ayahana (彩花 みん Ayahana Min?, born 3 February 1963) is a Japanese manga artist, born in Nanao in Ishikawa, Japan. She debuted with the manga Warera High School Hero, published in the 1991 Autumn issue of Ribon Bikkuri Daizoukan. Her best known work is Akazukin Chacha (Red Riding Hood Chacha).


  • Gonta o Korose! — collection of short stories, containing:
    • Gonta o Korose!
    • Tatakae!! Shyness Boy
    • Yumemiru Tenori Shōjo
    • Aoi Hane no Tenshi
    • Warera High School Hero
  • Akazukin Chacha (13 tankōbon vols/9 bunkoban vols)
  • Pyon — collection of short stories, containing:
    • Pyon
    • Oni Love
    • Kuseke Onna
    • Nekketsu Yōji Senki
    • Moomba Doll
  • Toro to Issho! Anshin Anzen Book — Fully-colored picture book illustrated by Min Ayahana and supervised by Kentarō Arai, educating about crime prevention. The book features the character Toro from the video game Doko Demo Issho.


  • Nezumin ga Chū
  • Suppin Mama
  • Chiromiro no Hana
  • Cyborg nyaron
  • Kichune
  • Obakeya-san
  • Ashita wa Otenki
  • Kaisha
  • Chokkori Hoshi 3 Kyōdai

ca:Min Ayahanako:아야하나 민pl:Min Ayahana tr:Min Ayahana zh:彩花珉

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