Milk Morizono (森園みるく Morizono Miruku?, born December 25, 1957) is a Japanese mangaka. She mainly draws erotic manga for adult women.[1] She made her debut in 1981 with Crazy Love Hisshouhou, published in Shōjo Comic.[2] She is associated with the josei magazine, Feel Young. Matt Thorn has called her "the most popular and respected creator of erotic manga for women".[3]


  • Amore (Eros)
  • Bondage Fantasy
  • Cocktail Stories
  • Desire
  • Hibi no Owaru ni (Tell People, to the End of Our Days)
  • Kamigami no Tasogare (Götterdämmerung) (Twilight of the Gods)
  • Lust
  • Let's Go to Bed
  • Slave to Love
  • Soshite Tsutaete



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