Milk Morinaga (森永 みるく Morinaga Miruku?) is a female Japanese yuri manga artist born in Tokyo, Japan. Her works have been published in Yuri Shimai, Comic Yuri Hime, Comic Hot Milk, and other yuri and adult manga magazines. She made her professional debut as an illustrator for Cobalt Bunko, a shōjo novel imprint from Shueisha. Her works tend to feature girls with long hair or with bobbed hair.



  • (2001) Study After School
  • Chocolate Kiss Kiss
  • Koi no Dracula
  • (2002) Milk Shell (ミルクシェル Miruku Sheru?)
  • Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo (くちびる ためいき さくらいろ?)
  • Mare (メア Mea?)
  • Sailor Moon DJ: Million Kisses
  • To Odious You (にくらしいあなたへ Nikurashii Anata e?)
  • Wishing on the Moon
  • (2006) Girl Friends (ガールフレンドス?)
  • (2007) Amai Kuchibiru (あまいくちびる?)[1]
  • To the One I hate
  • Bunny’s Road


  • Marine Rouge (マリンルージュ Marin Rūju?) (PC-98/Windows, original design work)


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