Miko Miko Nurse (巫女みこナース?) is a Japanese PC erotic game released on May 23, 2003 by Psycho. The game is most famous for its theme song "Miko Miko Nurse - Theme of Love".


The story takes place in the Paradise Hospital, the forefront of elderly treatment. As a result of the founder's retirement, the two heirs cannot agree on which uniform the nurses should wear—one having a miko style, the other having a nun style. Amidst the fierce debate is Tatsuya Makishima, a doctor-in-training....


  • Tatsuya Makishima (牧嶋 達哉 Makishima Tatsuya?)
The protagonist of the game, a 26 year old doctor-in-training who is distantly related to the founder of the hospital.
  • Futaba Mikoshiba (御子柴 二葉 Mikoshiba Futaba?)
A 19 year-old nurse who works hard but makes mistakes often. She is the model of the "Miko Nurse" uniform.
  • Miki Sudō (須藤 美希 Sudō Miki?)
A 21 year old nurse who takes her work seriously. She gives Futaba a hard time because of Futaba's frequent mistakes. She is the model of the "sister nurse" uniform.
  • Ryōko Sawa (佐和 遼子 Sawa Ryōko?)
A 24 year old nurse who places her patients first. She feels sorry for the other nurses who have to wear "strange uniforms", as she only has to wear the standard nurse uniform.
  • Hitomi Ayukawa (鮎川 ひとみ Ayukawa Hitomi?)
A 27 year old doctor who wears the qipao. Opposed to both the miko uniform and the nun uniform, she proposed that the nurses should wear the "China nurse" uniform. As none of the nurses actually wear her proposed uniform, she wears it herself.
  • Haruka Tōjōin (東条院 遥 Tōjōin Haruka?)
A daughter of a wealthy family, she acts as a long-time patient as a part of her grandfather's plan.

Theme songs

Opening theme

Well-known for being an internet meme, the song was used in a commercial for a Japanese company called "Dwango"[1] and the song has been available in some karaoke machines since December 27, 2005.[2]

Ending theme

  • "Miko Miko Nurse - Kanon for a Dear Person" (巫女みこナース・愛しき人に捧ぐカノン "Miko miko naasu - Itoshiki hito ni Sasagu Kanon"?)


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