Mikiyo Tsuda (つだみきよ Tsuda Mikiyo?, born on January 10) is a manga writer and illustrator from Japan who has been writing manga since 1998. This name is one of her two pen names that she writes under when drawing manga, the other being Taishi Zaō (蔵王大志 Zaō Taishi?).[1] Under the name Taishi Zaō, she writes boys love and girls love manga while under Mikiyo Tsuda she writes comedy-shōjo manga.[1] Her reasons for doing this mainly had to do with keeping the fact that she drew manga centered around homosexual relationships from her family but they eventually found out anyway.[1] Many manga artists often adopt artistic personas for themselves in order to represent themselves in sections of their manga not attributed to the story, as in an author's note section. Mikiyo Tsuda's persona is that of a teddy bear wearing a red bow tie with a bell at its center.

One of her friends, and also a fellow manga artist, is Eiki Eiki. They often co-author manga together, display their art together, and have autograph sessions together. Eiki Eiki has even been known to sometimes act as Taishi Zaō's manager.[1]


Written as Mikiyo Tsuda

Written as Taishi Zaō

Co-authored with Eiki Eiki


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