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Mike Richardson (born June 29, 1950) is an American writer, film producer and the founder of Dark Horse Comics, a comic book publication company based in Milwaukie, Oregon.[1]

Life and career

Richardson is the current president of Dark Horse Comics, a comics publishing company he founded in 1986.[2] Richardson is also the president of Dark Horse Entertainment,[3] a subsidiary company which has developed and produced numerous projects for film and television based on Dark Horse properties or licensed properties.[4] In addition, he owns the retail chain and website Things From Another World, and has written numerous graphic novels and comics series, including The Secret, Living with the Dead, and Cut as well as co-authoring two non-fiction books: Comics Between the Panels and Blast Off![5] In January 2010 Bruce Campbell told that Richardson works as producer an the sequel to My Name is Bruce, the film called Bruce vs. Frankenstein and is set for release in late 2010.[6]



Comics work includes: Script error


Books include:


Richardson's film writing credits include:

He has also produced a large number of films (most involving Dark Horse properties) including:


Mike Richardson has been nominated for two film awards:


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