Meteorite Breed (メテオド Meteodo?) is a shōnen manga by Haruka Shii. This series was published in Shōnen Sunday. The series was cancelled after 37 chapters.


Thirty years ago a series of meteorites rained down on Earth, destroying much of civilization. Decades later, pockets of humanity are beginning to reemerge, but many of the children who have been born after the crisis have been mutated by radiation from the meteorites. They are called the Meteorite Breed.


Tooi Asaba
Tooi is a fourteen year old junior high school student who is also one of the Meteorite Breed. He loves to eat, and has the power to manipulate gravity.
Nadeshiko Asaba
A mysterious woman who is researching the debris of the meteorites that fell thirty years ago.
Also known as "Gus-san", he is the twenty-six year old underling of Nadeshiko. He's known to wear a t-shirt with a frog emblazoned on it.

it:Meteorite breed

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