Meguri, Hitohira (めぐり、ひとひら。 Meguri, Hitohira.?) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Caramel Box and released on September 26, 2003. The low-priced edition was released on November 29, 2004.


Tomo Aso is an unpopular painter. He often travels to sketch. One day, he visited the Yukari Shrine in the rural town. Then, he came across a girl who called herself a goddess, his younger sister-in-law who died three years ago, his fiancee, a ghost of woman servant and a taciturn girl.


Tomo Aso (麻生智 Asō Tomo?) (changeable)
The main male protagonist of the story, Tomo, is an unpopular painter. He mainly makes pictures of rural sceneries. He has particular eyes that can see ghosts.
Koma Aso (麻生こま Asō Koma)?, (Seiyū - Miru)
Koma is Tomo's younger sister-in-law. She was brought to life with the shintai of the Yukari Shrine, though she died three years ago.
Musubinoyuenohimenomikoto (結乃由姫命 Musubi no Yue no Hime no Mikoto)?, (Seiyū - Miya Serimiya)
She is the little goddess deified at the Yukari Shrine. Tomo nicknamed her Yue. She refers to Tomo as Gumin meaning ignorant people.
Korisu Kakitsubata (燕子花こりす Kakitsubata Korisu)?, (Seiyū - Kazuki Aoi)
Korisu is rich Kakitsubata's daughter. Tomo was engaged to her by his grandmother and her grandfather.
Jyuhaigikyouka (咒吠君鏡架 Juhaigikyōka)?, (Seiyū - Miyako Suzuta)
Jyuhaigikyouka, commonly called Kyouka, is an unidentifiable beauty with black hair.
Chigusa Haruno (春野千草 Haruno Chigusa)?, (Seiyū - Kaede Konoha)
Chigusa is a ghost of the maidservant. She obsessed Tomo, though she had looked for her master for a long time.
Toshinobu Okina (翁俊信 Okina Toshinobu)?, (Seiyū - Ayumu Nakazawa)
Toshinobu is a general practitioner. He seems to be popular with people in the town.
Zen'ichi Tsubura (円全一 Tsubura Zenichi)?, (Seiyū - Kunihiko Akita)
Zen'ichi is Korisu's valet. Tomo said that he is another childhood friend of Tomo, Koma and Korisu.
Jun ( Jun?)
A child in the town.
Futaba (双葉 Futaba?)
Jun's younger sister.


The soundtrack was released on September 26, 2003 by HOBiRECORDS. This contains the following theme songs:

Opening theme
Kiseki no Kizuna by Yui Sakakibara
Ending theme
Piece of Love by Rie Asami


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