Megumi Hayashibara (林原 めぐみ Hayashibara Megumi?) (born March 30, 1967) is a Japanese seiyū, singer, radio personality, and lyricist from Tokyo. She is currently affiliated with Aksent. Her nicknames include: Megu-san, Megu-nee, Bara-san, Kakka, and Daijin. She is best known for her roles in Ranma ½ (as Ranma Saotome (female voice)), Neon Genesis Evangelion (as Rei Ayanami), Cowboy Bebop (as Faye Valentine), Slayers (as Lina Inverse), Detective Conan (as Ai Haibara), Pokémon (as Musashi/Jessie of Team Rocket), and Shaman King (as Anna Kyoyama). She is also a fully qualified and registered nurse.[1]


Script error Megumi Hayashibara was born on March 30, 1967 in Tokyo, Japan.[1] She studied at a Catholic school, and at one point was bullied in fifth grade.[2] She was an active club member and participated in the Badminton, Biology, Broadcasting, Drama, and English clubs. She played the role of Alice in an English language production of Alice in Wonderland.[3] Despite qualifying as a nurse, she has never been employed in a nursing position.[4]

On March 30, 1998, she married.[5] On January 10, 2004, she announced on her radio show that she was pregnant with her first child.[6] On June 28 of the same year, she gave birth to a daughter.

Voice acting

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On the same day as submitting the application for nursing school, she went to a book store and found an advert offering free anime voice acting auditions at Arts Vision. Several months after submitting a demo tape, she received a confirmation of passing the first stage of the audition, and eventually decided to continue training as a nurse while doing voice acting.[1][2] After a year of voice actor training, Hayashibara was chosen to voice small roles on Maison Ikkoku.[3] Initially, she had difficulty with her lines and had to redo many lines after the main recording sessions.[4] Hayashibara later auditioned for Ranma ½ expecting to be cast as Akane Tendo, but was cast as the female half of Ranma Saotome instead.[5] In 1993 and 1995, Hayashibara was a guest at Anime America.[6] At the 1995 event, she decided to give a speech in English after believing the translation at the 1993 event did not reflect what she had said.[7] In 1995, Hayashibara provided the voice of Rei Ayanami in Neon Genesis Evangelion, a role referred to as "innovative casting".[8]


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While at nursing school, she started a temporary job as a DJ at a local ice skating rink. After becoming better known as a voice actress, she was given her own Radio show, "Heartfull Station".[1] After 17 shows, the broadcasting station cancelled the show and other anime related programming to concentrate on traditional music. However, 6 months later, Hayashibara started a new radio show at another broadcaster.[2]

Music career

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Release Date[1] Album[1] Catalog Number[1] Chart Position Notes
February 28, 1990 Pulse TYDY-5127 92 Single
March 5, 1991 Niji-iro no Sneaker KIDA-15 43 Single
March 21, 1991 Half and half KICS-100 45[2] Album
March 5, 1992 Whatever KICS-176 18[3] Album
June 24, 1992 Yume wo dakishimete KIDA-42 90 Single - Magical Princess Minky Momo Theme
August 5, 1992 Haruneko fushigi tsukiyo -oshiete Happiness- KIDA-45 49 Single - All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Ending
August 5, 1992 Perfume KICS-215 13[4] Album
March 24, 1993 Our Goody Day...Bokura no Good Day KIDA-54 54 Single
August 23, 1993 SHAMROCK KICS-345 12[5] Album
November 26, 1993 Yume Hurry Up KIDA-69 58 Single - All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku OVA Themes
May 25, 1994 Until Strawberry Sherbet KIDA-81 42 Single - contains themes for Bakuretsu Hunter
November 3, 1994 Touch and Go!! KIDA-90 37 Single - Contain themes for the show Blue Seed
December 21, 1994 Pulse TYCY-5413 Single (re-release)
July 2, 1994 SpHERE KICS-430 8[6] Album
March 3, 1995 Enfleurage KICS-475 6[7] Album
July 21, 1995 Midnight Blue KIDA-108 27 Single - Slayers the Motion Picture Theme
December 6, 1995 Going History KIDA-124 25 Single - Slayers EXTRA Theme
April 24, 1996 Give a reason KIDA-128 9 Single - Slayers Next Theme
May 22, 1996 Kagirinai Yokubou no Naka ni KIDA-134 20 Single - Slayers Special OVA Theme
July 5, 1996 Just be conscious KIDA-b36 11 Single - Slayers Return Theme
October 23, 1996 Successful Mission KIDA-138 7 Single - Contains themes for Saber Marionette J
November 1, 1996 bertemu KICS-590 3[8] Album
April 23, 1997 Don't Be Discouraged KIDA-148 4 Single - Slayers Try Ending
August 6, 1997 Iráváti KICS-640 5 [9] Album
July 2, 1997 Reflection KIDA-154 7 Single - Slayers Great Theme
February 4, 1998 Fine Colorday KIDA-158 9 Single - Contains themes for the show All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
April 24, 1998 ~infinity~ KIDA-161 8 Single Lost Universe Theme
July 3, 1998 Raging Waves KIDA-163 8 Single - Slayers Gorgeous Theme
September 4, 1998 A House Cat KIDA-165 6 Single - Contains themes to the show All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
October 10, 1998 Proof of myself KIDA-170 9 Single Saber Marionette J to X Theme
May 28, 1999 Question at Me KIDA-180 13 Single
October 27, 1999 FUWARI (ふわり) KICS-755 5[10] Album
December 3, 1999 Booska! Booska!! KIDA-190 50 Single
April 26, 2000 Vintage S KICS-790 6 [11] Greatest Hits compilation
May 24, 2000 Sakura Saku KICA-506 7 Single - Contains Love Hina Themes
June 21, 2000 Vintage A KICS-810 4[12] Greatest Hits compilation
October 25, 2000 unsteady KIDA-204 14 Single - Contains themes from Muteki-O Trizenon
July 21, 2001 Maemuki Roketto-dan ZMCP-1259 N/A Pocket Monsters 12th ending single.
August 29, 2001 Over Soul KICM-3016 7 Single - Shaman King Themes
December 29, 2001 Brave Heart KICM-3021 11 Single - Shaman King related
December 5, 2001 feel well KICM-3020 11 Single - Slayers Premium Theme
March 27, 2002 Northern Lights KICM-3027 3 Single - Shaman King Theme
April 24, 2002 Treat or Goblins KICM-3030 19 Single
June 26, 2002 feel well KICS-955 7[13] Album
September 25, 2002 KOIBUMI KICM-3035 7 Single
September 26, 2003 Makenaide Makenaide KICM-1083 8 Single - Contains the themes for Hayashibara's radio show Heartfull Station
January 7, 2004 Center Color KICS-1070 10[14] Album
July 26, 2006 Meet again KICM-1164 12 Single - Made in commemoration of Slayers' 10th anniversary
February 7, 2007 A Happy Life KICM-1196 12 Single - Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Themes
April 21, 2007 Plain KICS-1303 18[15] Album
April 21, 2007 Tanoshii Douyou KICG-53~55 70[16]
June 25, 2008 Slayers MEGUMIX KICA-916~918 14[17] Collection of Slayers Theme Songs and remixes
July 23, 2008 Plenty of grit KICM-1245 6 Single - Slayers Revolution Opening/Ending
February 18, 2009 Front Breaking KICM-1268 15 Single - Slayers Evolution-R Opening/Ending
April 22, 2009 Shuuketsu no sono he KICM-1271 7 Single - Neon Genesis Evangelion related (CR Shin Seiki Evangelion -Saigo no Shisha-)
October 4, 2009 MOE FIRE Mini Album - (Were sold only in Megumi Hayashibara's "TBN900 Event")
July 21, 2010 CHOICE KICS-91548 6 Album
July 21, 2010 Shuuketsu no sadame KICM-1310 7 Single


Script error Hayashibara wrote a series of comics for Anime V magazine, with artwork by Sakura Asagi. The comics, known as "Megumi Toons", talked about her personal life and career. The individual chapters were collected into the book Ashita ga aru sa (明日があるさ?, "There is always Tomorrow"), which has been reprinted several times.[1] Hayashibara has also contributed two columns to Newtype magazine; Aitakute Aitakue, and Speaking in Character. Aitakute Aitakute is a series of interviews conducted by Hayashibara with people from all walks of life. Three compilations of the column have been published. Speaking in Character has been translated into English for Newtype USA.


Major roles are in bold

Television animation






















Theater animation

Video games

Dubbing roles

Drama CD

  • Akihabara Dennou Gumi as Tsubame
  • Bakuretsu Hunters as Tira Misu
  • Bannou Bunka Nekomusume as Natsume Atsuko
  • Dancing Whispers as Miifa
  • GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!! as DJ
  • Jungle de Ikou as Ongo
  • Kodomotachi ha Yoru no Juunin as Yumi
  • Lamune & 40 DX as Mountain Dew Gold
  • Lips the Agent as Yuu and Winter Fairy
  • Love Hina as Urashima Haruka
  • Mujintou Monogatari as Kurashima Saori
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion as Ayanami Rei
  • PopFul Mail Paradise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as Mail
  • Popful Mail The Next Generation as Mail
  • RG Veda as Ashura
  • Shadow Skill as El Lag
  • Shaman King Osorezan revoir as Anna Kyouyama
  • Shaman King Osorezan revoir Au revoir as Anna Kyouyama
  • Slayers Extra as Lina Inverse
  • Slayers Nextra as Lina Inverse
  • Slayers Premium as Lina Inverse
  • Slayers vs. Orphen as Lina Inverse
  • Shiroi Ashita da Roketto Dan as Musashi (Jessie)
  • SM Girls Saber Marionette J/R as Lime
  • Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko as Madoka Midou
  • Tokyo Juliette as Ayase Minori


  1. Script error

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