Megatech Software was the first licensor of anime games in the United States, and the first licensor of hentai games or eroge in English.[1] The first three games they published were eroge; the first was self-rated NR-18 (a rating indicating the presence of nudity and sexual content), the second two were NR-13 with the option of purchasing an upgrade to NR-18, and the last was self-rated as acceptable for all ages. All were made for MS-DOS.

Nothing is known about how the games were licensed or Megatech's motives as a company. Megatech folded sometime in between 1997 and 1999. Its last published game was Power Dolls in 1995. They appeared at Anime Expo 1993 promoting two of their new games.[2]

Rumor has it that Megatech Software is coming back with games on mobile platforms before the end of 2010[citation needed].

Games released


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  2. Megatech's Anime Expo '93 Appearance

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