Kiss in the Midnight (真夜中にKiss Mayonaka ni Kiss?) is the latest manga by Aki Mochida, and it started its serialization is April 2007 in the shōjo magazine Ribon. Mochida's sister is Yoko Maki who is well-known for Aishiteruze Baby, which ran in the same magazine.


The main character is Nono, a tenth grader. Her mother remarries to a man named Hayato Ichijou; her previous husband(Nono's father) died in an accident. Ichijou is the president of the Ichijou Group and before Nono knows it she is the "ojousama" of a huge palace with a new high social class family! After meeting Kazuomi, the Ichijou family heir, she sets off to be the best "Lady" ever, doing the best she can everyday... (Through out the story she is referred to by the author in English as "Queen" or "Lady" which sounds odd when translated to English; but this just means that she is now of a high class.)

Nono attends a party at Hotel Ichijo and there she meets Juri and Ichiru Shikata, who are siblings, Juri being the eldest son of the Shikata family. He tells her that he is ill but is unable to tell his younger sister Ichiru about it. Nono encourages Juri after he confesses that he's worried that because of his condition he won't be able to inherit a home... The story continues in future chapters.[1]


  1. Adapted from Ribon August 2007's summary of the story. Ribon August 2007 pg. 113


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