Material Puzzle (マテリアル・パズル?) is a 2002 Japanese manga by Masahiro Totsuka. In Japan there are currently twenty volumes out. However, the manga has yet to be translated into English.

The manga is a parody manga and is constantly making fun out of the typical shōnen manga. For example, it uses candy for weapons and over stretched scenes where characters die then come back to life again.


Set in a fictional world where magic is used, Mikaze is sent by the two elders of his village to ask the 3 great immortal magicians to help his village from being overtaken by a large fungi called the Yamakuidake (Mountain eating Mushroom). So he starts his quest and climbs up the mountain that the Three Magicians live on to ask but upon meeting the 3 Magicians he learns that the other two are gone and he is left with Aqua, a young girl who uses candy as a wand. Eventually they strike an agreement, she will go and help his village as long as he brings her back safe and sound to the mountain after wards. The only problem is that as a sign of their agreement he has to wear a mask until the agreement is fulfilled.

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