Masamichi Amano (天野 正道 Amano Masamichi; born January 26, 1957 in Akita, Akita, Japan) is a Japanese music composer, arranger and conductor. He studied at the Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo and graduated in 1982. He obtained the Takeoka Prize.

His orchestral works include the musical scores of Battle Royale, Giant Robo and Stratos 4. The films and TV series featuring his music are genres action, science fiction, and horror. Amano's orchestra of choice is Poland's Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (and its associated choir).

He has composed many pieces for wind ensemble that are recorded by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra and regularly performed by bands at the All-Japan Band Association competitions.

List of soundtracks composed by Amano

Similar composers

Amano's style can be compared to classical composers such as:

Some of his contemporaries include:

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