Masami Tsuda (津田 雅美 Tsuda Masami?, born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, on 9 July 1970) is a Japanese manga artist. She specialises in shōjo manga, the most famous being Kare Kano: His and Hers Circumstances, which is set in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Her newest manga is Chotto Edo Made. It first appeared in LaLa in May 2008.

Manga works


Masami Tsuda usually puts notes at the back of her manga. She will talk about things that happen to her and the operas she goes to. She has also made it very clear that she's "in love" with American actor Johnny Depp.

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ko:쓰다 마사미

it:Masami Tsudazh:津田雅美

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