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Mark Hentemann is an American animation writer. Hentemann is most notably known for writing several episodes of the animated series Family Guy. In addition, Hentemann has also provided voices for many minor characters on Family Guy, including the "Phony Guy" and Opie.[1]

Hentemann has also written for The Late Show with David Letterman.[1]


Hentemann grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and began his career as a greeting card writer and illustrator for American Greetings. His cards caught the interest of David Letterman and allowed him his first job in television writing for The Late Show.

Mark Hentemann joined Family Guy in its first season as a writer, and is currently executive producer and showrunner, along with fellow writer Steve Callaghan. He has written, produced and provided voice acting on several half-hours, including 3 South, which he created for MTV.

Personal life

Mark Hentemann now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Lynne, and they have three children. Hentemann attended Cleveland Saint Ignatius High School and Miami University.


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