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Marine A Go Go (それゆけまりんちゃん Soreyuke Marin-chan?) is a hentai anime OVA series directed by Masami Ōbari.


Dr. Narutaki, a genius who is trying to preserve true Japanese men, not the losers they are today, needs semen from 100 specimens. The problem is these 100 specimens wouldn't give it to him voluntarily, so he comes up with a plan. He gets Marine, a girl from an all girl school, and put in her a ring and a special costume that changes to a mans desire and won't come off until she gets all 100 semen specimens. Now to get in her way, South Pole One, a sexaroid created by the doctor's jealous assistant, Marilyn, is interfering by exhausting and taking the men's semen first, making it a race against time.

English Cast

  • Anne Lerner as South Pole One
  • Chris Ernst as Young Man
  • Ed Radco as Man
  • Gary Epstein as Man B/Owner
  • Grey McNeal as Narration/Narutaki
  • Harold Escalon as Prime Minister
  • Helena Thomas as Marin
  • Jake Carpenteria as Announcer/Pon
  • Leslie Hammel as Female Student
  • Pari Banyan as Marilyn
  • Jake Sullivan as Dancer
  • Sally Knight as Girl
  • Jennifer Bowerman as Secretary
  • Tad Lightner as Fuse
  • Tera Strainer as Friend
  • Tom Siver as Man A
  • Tom Loughran as Herb Spermbergher
it:Marine A Go-Go

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