Marika Matsumoto (松本まりか Matsumoto Marika?) is an actress and seiyū born on September 12, 1984 in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan. From 2001-2003, she was known as "Mini Stop-chan", acting as the mascot for the Mini Stop convenience store chain commercials in Japan. She is the owner of a unique voice and has held a recital with upcoming star Satoshi Tsumabuki. Since November 12, 2005, she has been on the A&G Radio Show: Anisupa! segment Anisupa Kōnin Akujo Queen.


TV Drama

TV anime



  • Mini Stop (Mini Stop-chan)



  • Shinkansen Nexus Vol.2: Cat In The Red Boots (2006, DVD Release Date: February 24, 2007)
  • Tajū Jinkaku Tantei Saiko: Shingeki Amemiya Kazuhiko no Shōmetsu (March 30, 2005—April 4, 2005)
  • Watashi to Watashi (October 8, 2003—October 13, 2003)


  • Matsumoto Marika Liebchen: Itoshii Hito (November 2, 2005—December 29, 2005)

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