MAPS is the English title for two Japanese anime OAVs: the original MAPS (MAPS: Densetsu no Samayoeru Seijintachi, 1987) and the remake (MAPS: Densetsu no Fukkatsu, 1994). Both are based on Hasegawa Yuichi's manga series MAPS (マップス), serialized monthly in Nora magazine from 1985 to 1994.

The basic story is that normal Earth boy Gen and his girlfriend Hoshimi meet Lipumira, a scantily-clad blond woman from outer space, who tells Gen that he is the "mapman," meaning the map to a great treasure is coded in his genes. Gen and Hoshimi leave Earth with Lipumira on this quest shared by evil space people whom they are often compelled to fight against. MAPS apparently influenced later and better rated 'space journey' series, such as Outlaw Star (星方武侠アウトロースター, Seihō Bukyō Autorō Sutā) which has a similar plot with a treasure as the ultimate goal.

Notable aspects of the series are the spaceships (which look like giant silver angelic women, often described as "hood ornaments") and cyborg women that control and are the brains of them. Each ship and its pilot is a distinct character, from playful to evil.

Reviews of both series are generally mixed-to-negative, their incompleteness being a major focus of criticism.

First OAV (1987): MAPS: Densetsu no Samayoeru Seijintachi

MAPS: Densetsu no Samayoeru Seijintachi (MAPS: Legendary Space Wanderers, マップス 伝説のさまよえる星人たち) was directed by Hayakawa Keiji.

Second OAV (1994)

The second MAPS was directed by Nishizawa Susumu.


  1. Act 1: Ama Kakeru Tenshi (ACT1 宇宙(あま)翔ける天使)
  2. Act 2: Traveller no Hōshū (ACT2 トラベラーの報酬)
  3. Act 3: Rokunin no Yūreisen (ACT3 六人の幽霊船)
  4. Act 4: Densetsu no Fukkatsu (ACT4 伝説の復活)

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