The Manrikigusari (万力鎖) or Kusarifundo is a traditional Japanese chain weapon with two steel-weights on the ends designed to strike, ensnare or trap an opponent. One tactic was to bunch the chain in a fist and fling one weighted end into the face, groin or solar plexus of an opponent, quickly and discreetly disabling or even killing them. Typical Manrikigusaris are approximately three feet long. These weapons are one of the traditional weapons of Ninjutsu. The manriki gusari could also be thrown before drawing another weapon, thus possibly confusing, or surprising your enemy. Many forms taught to hit directly with only one swing, so that your opponent would not expect the blow.

Additional applications include the composite use of a stabbing weapon ("spike and chain") in conjunction with the chain weapon. In this usage, the chain component is typically of longer length (circa 6-10 feet) weighted at both ends, either of which can be used individually or both of which may be applied simultaneously, when the user applies a center grip on the chain. When applied in conjunction with the spike (or knife, e.g., "tonfa") there is often applied a complex, circular, swinging/ensaring approach to the application of the weighted chain coupled with capturing and drawing the opponent into stabbing range. This composite use of "spike and chain" relies on the speed and reach (longer chain) to keep the opponent out of close range contact until either a controlling capture with the chain is accomplished or the opponent is disabled and, in either case, the spike (or knife) can then be applied to deliver a killing stroke. This application offers the advantage of highly concealable weapons of very different capacities that can be used against opponents at short and medium ranges. Its light weight allows ease of usage.

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