Manga Time Jumbo (まんがタイムジャンボ Manga Taimu Janbo?) is a Japanese monthly yonkoma manga magazine published by Hōbunsha since April 1995. The magazine was published in the 1990s as Manga Time Zōkan. Before the May 2005 issue, the magazine was released on the 12th day of the month, but is now released monthly on the 4th. Manga Time Jumbo is printed as B5 size.

From February 1992 through October 2000, a "New Yonkoma Artist Panel" was convened. Every month, two to three works by newcomers would be included in the magazine, and readers would vote on them by sending in their opinions on a reply card. The winners of the contests would have their works serialized. Winners during this period include Ryōji Sekine, Poisson d'Avril, Takeshi Ōsawa, Shōko Fujita, Uina Kinomoto, Tōko Shiwasu, Kyūten Yuminaga, Nantoka, Tomoko Inoue, Shihori Watanabe, Eiji Ide, and Hairan.

Manga Time Jumbo had a "renewal" of sorts when it picked up series dropped by Manga Time Pop when it ceased publication in December 2003. The magazine's main draw, however, is due to its serialization of new works.

Currently serialized works

Listed alphabetically.

Previously serialized works

Listed in order of appearance.

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