Manga magazine, formerly known as Takuhai, is a free quarterly magazine published by Tokyopop, which gives preview chapters of a selection of the company's new manga titles, as well as fan art and short articles. It was first published in the summer of 2005, and readers can subscribe to the magazine through Tokyopop's official website. The magazine's original title meant "home delivery" in Japanese, but this was changed when Tokyopop discovered that many readers were accessing it through schools, libraries, and news stands, which had themselves taken out subscriptions.

The magazine is different in that it has two covers. You read the first half in Western style, left-to-right, then you flip over to the back and read it in the or Japanese style, right-to-left. Manga also includes an online issue with completely different material to the printed publification, and which is updated every month.

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