Mama Loves the Poyopoyo-Saurus (ママはぽよぽよザウルスがお好き Mama wa Poyopoyo-Zaurusu ga Osuki?) is a yonkoma manga series by Takako Aonuma which ran in the Japanese child-raising magazine Petit Enfant. The manga was adapted to a 52-episode anime TV series which ran on the MBS and TBS networks (except for TV Yamaguchi) from September 2, 1995 through August 31, 1996. It was rebroadcast from 2001 to 2002 on Tokyo Metropolitan Television. The series is sometimes called Mama Poyo.

The series follows the "adventures" of a young mother and father as they deal with the joys and challenges of raising small children. The "poyopoyo" in the title is an onomatopoeia for the young children "toddling" around (or walking unsteadily).


Manga, first release

Manga, second release

Toilet training book

This book was written by Eiichi Hoashi, a well-known child psychologist in Japan. Aonuma wrote the accompanying manga used to illustrate the various ideas and techniques presented in the book.
  • The Battle to Get Two-year-old Ann Out of Diapers: Mama Poyo Special: Going to Undies in Four Steps, ISBN 4-574-00078-3

Anime picture books



In the manga, the names of the characters are the real names of the Aonuma family, but in the anime, they were given new names. Following are names used in the anime:

Other characters:


Theme songs


Beeper Love
Vocals: Now
Lyrics: Umedy
Composer: Cake-K
Arrangement: Shige


Itsu no Ma ni ka Kimi o (いつのまにか君を?) (acoustic version)
Vocals: Masatoshi Ono
Lyrics: Masatoshi Ono
Composer: Tsukasa
Arrangement: Yoshio Tsuru
Spicy Life (スパイシー・ライフ?)
Vocals: Rica Matsumoto
Lyrics: Rui Serizawa
Composer: Kazuyoshi Shina
Arrangement: Tatsuya Nishiwaki

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