Makoto Tateno (立野真琴 Tateno Makoto?, born 23 March in Toyama City), who also uses the penname Shinjuku Tango, is a Japanese manga artist who made her debut in 1986. Tateno regards her influences as being Go Nagai and Osamu Tezuka.[1] Two of her best known works are Yellow and Happy Boys. For the latter, she used the actors from the live-action drama for her character design - among them protagonist Koji Seto and also Gaku Shindou and Kenta Kamakari as gentlemen hosts.[citation needed] Several of her works have been translated into English, including King of Cards, Hate to Love You, Omen, Red Angel, 9th Sleep, Hero Heel, Ka Shin Fu, Steal Moon, and Yellow.

Selected works


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