The Yokohama Marine Stars (横浜マリンスターズ) is one of the teams in the NPB of the fictional Major manga universe.

Notable players

  • Shigeno Hideki was the Marine Stars' ace for many years. He was traded away in 1996, and traded back in 2000. When he retired after the 2000 season, his number, 17, was retired by the team to honor his achievements.
  • Honda Shigeharu was a former Marine Stars pitcher who turned slugger in 1990 after an arm injury. He was most notable of hitting a homerun on Major Leaguer Joe Gibson's debut game in Japan. That pitch thrown by Gibson the Japanese baseball record itself (100 mile/h). When Honda died the next day due to a deadball, the public generally viewed it as Marine Stars' oversight in taking care of its players, resulting in a public relations disaster.
  • For the 2004 NPB season, the Marine Star sacquired the ace pitcher of the 2003 Summer Koshien champion, Mayumura Ken of the Kaido High school.

Team records

  • The Marine Stars is in general a poor performance team. In the 2004 season, it placed last.


  • The real world reference for the Marine Stars is the Yokohama BayStars (横浜ベイスターズ).
  • In the anime adaptation of Major, the Yokohama Marine Stars are renamed to Yokohama Blue Oceans.