General information

This is the championship match for the fictional Baseball World Cup. The match begins in chapter 583 (part of volume 62), and continues at least until volume 64.

The match takes place in the evening, at Detco Park.


Starting lineup

Defensive positions
Position Japan USA
P Mayumura Sisler
C Sato Voltek
1B Mitsunaka Hawkins
2B Higuchi Hartman
3B Iwaoka Gibson Jr.
SS Kibata Cesar
LF Matsuo Bolton
CF Mitamura Davis
RF Kojiro Barns
DH Toujima Gonzales
Batting order
Order Japan USA
1 Kojiro Davis
2 Higuchi Cesar
3 Mitsunaka Hawkins
4 Matsuo Barns
5 Mitamura Bolton
6 Sato Gibson Jr.
7 Iwaoka Gonzales
8 Toujima Hartman
9 Kibata Voltek


Japan USA
Iwai - starter of previous match Bell - starter of previous match
Kowada Coen
Kuroba Gallagher
Matsuwaka Gibson - sick
Shigeno Haffman
Tendou - injured Nelson
Uehira - injured Simons - pitched in previous game
Watabe Stark - pitched in previous game
 ?  ?
  • Note: In the Team USA's pitcher roster shown in chapter 594, the names Simons and Bell were not listed. Instead, there's a Brooks, a name that begins with "Atk", and a name that begins with "Rob". Since the roster does not list the player's full name, a rationalization is that certain players are more often referred to by their first name, whereas the roster lists only their last name.

Innings 1~3

1st Top
Pitcher: Sisler
Kojiro - Strike, followed by a hit. Advanced to first base.
Higuchi - Sacrifice bunt. Kojiro advanced to second base. One out.
Mitsunaka - Hit. Kojiro on 3rd, Mitsunaka on 1st.
Matsuo - Sacrifice fly. Kojiro scored run. Two out.
Mitamura - Homerun out of left field.
Pitcher Goen
Sato - pop fly
1st Bottom
Pitcher: Mayumura
Davis - Fly ball caught by Center near the wall. One out
Cesar - 2 balls followed by a liner caught at the 2nd base. Two out.
Hawkins - walked
Barns - Hit along the right-field line. Hawkins on 3rd, Barns on 1st.
Bolton - 1 strike 4 ball, base loaded.
Gibson Jr. - After a second ball, Team Japan's manager complained about the umpire's ruling on the second ball. Strike, Foul, Ball, Strike out.

Score: 3 - 0

2nd Top

Details of the second inning is lacking.

Pitcher: Goen
Toujima got on the base.
Kibata - one out.
Kojiro got on the base.
Higuchi hit a grounder that was caught by Gibson Jr. right by the 3rd base and forced out Toujima (2 out). Gibson Jr. passed the ball to the 1st base and forced out Higuchi (double play, 3 out).
2nd bottom
Pitcher: Mayumura
Gonzales - struck out
Hartman - unknown
Voltek - flyball caught

Score: 3 - 0

3rd Top

Details of the third inning is lacking.

Pitcher: Goen
Mitsunaka - one out
Matsuo - walked
Mitamura - hit a fly. Matsuo on 3rd, Mitamura on 1st.
Sato - 2-run hit.
Pitcher: Simons
Iwaoka - two out
Toujima - 3 strikes. Three out.
3rd Bottom
Pitcher: Mayumura
Davis - one out
Cesar - two out
Hawkins - three out

Score: 5 - 0

Innings 4~6

4th top
Pitcher: Simons
Kibata - one out
Kojiro - two out
Higuchi - three out
4th bottom
Pitcher: Mayumura
Barns - one out
Bolton - pop fly (bat broken). two out.
Gibson Jr. - 3 strikes. three out.

Score: 5 - 0

5th top
Pitcher: Simons
Mitsunaka - one out
Matsuo - two out
Mitamura - grounder near 2nd, Cesar passed to 1st. three out.
5th bottom
Pitcher: Mayumura
Gonzales - Strike, Ball, Foul, Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, Ball, Hit. Gonzales on 1st base.
Hartman - Pop fly, one out. Gonzales tagged up and advanced to 2nd.
Voltek - Hit a fly ball into the left field. Gonzales made a run back home. Voltek on 2nd.
Davis - Ball, Strike, hit a grounder into right field. Kojiro passed the ball back to the homeplate in time, forcing Voltek to stop at 3rd base. Davis on 1st.
Cesar - Strike. Long fly deep into the right field. Kojiro climbed the wall and caught the ball, preventing a homerun. Two out. Voltek made a run back home.
Pitcher: Kowada
Hawkins - gounder, Kibata passed to 1st base, three out.

Score: 5 - 2

6th top
Pitcher: Nelson
Sato - Hit. Sato on 1st.
Iwaoka - walked.
Pitcher: Gallagher
Toujima - Sacrifice bunt, one out. Sato on 3rd, Iwaoka on 2nd.
Kibata - center fly, two out.
Kojiro - deep fly, three out.
6th bottom
Pitcher: Kowada
Barns - walked
Hawkins - deep hit into left center. Barns on 3rd, Hawkins on 2nd.
Pitcher: Kuroba
Gibson Jr. - Sacrifice fly into the left field, one out. Barns made a run back home.
Gonzales - Sacrifice fly, two out. Hawkins made a run back home.
Hartman - Thrown out by Higuchi. three out.

Score: 5 - 4

Innings 7+

7th top
Pitcher: Gallagher
Higuchi - one out
Mitsunaka - Hit. Mitsunaka on 1st.
Matsuo - Hit. Mitsunaka on 1st, Matsuo on 2nd.
Mitamura - walked. Bases loaded.
Pitcher: Stark
Sato - Ball, Ball, an inliner caught by Gibson Jr. right above the third base. Gibson Jr. touched the third base before Mitsunaka has a chance to tag up. Double play.
7th bottom
Pitcher: Watabe
Voltek - A deep hit into the left field, bouncing off the fence. Voltek advanced to 3rd base.
Davis - Ball, Ball, Strike, Foul, 3 strikes. One out.
Cesar - Failed to pull off a suicide squeeze that was second-guessed by the catcher. Voltek tagged out. Two out. Made a fly into the left field, caught by Matsuo. Three out.

Score: 5 - 4

8th top
Pitcher: Unknown
Iwaoka - ?
Toujima - ?
Kibata - ?
Kojiro - ? Three out.
8th bottom
Pitcher: Shigeno
Hawkins - deadball
Barns - Ball, Strike, Strike, 3 Strikes. One out.
Bolton - Strike, Strike, 3 Strikes. Two out.
Gibson Jr. - Foul, Strike, Ball, 2-point home run (100mile ball). USA in the lead.
Gonzales - Ball, Hit. Gonzales advance to 2nd.
Hartman - Three strikes in a row. Three out.

Score: 5 - 6

9th top
Pitcher: Haffman
Higuchi - Strike, Grounder. Advance to 1st base.
Mitsunaka - Attempted a sacrifice bunt, but hit it too high, resulting in double play. Two out.
Matsuo - Hit the ball along the third base line, and caught by Gibson Jr. Team Japanese's manager protested the ruling, and after checking the VTR, it turns out the ball bounced off the third base before being caught by Gibson Jr. Matsuo on 1st base.
Mitamura - walked.
Sato - Strike, Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, deep hit. Matsuo ran back to base, tying the score.
Iwaoka - struck out.
9th bottom
Pitcher: Shigeno
Voltek - Three strikes in a row. One out.
Davis - Three strikes in a row. Two out.
Cesar - Three strikes in a row. Three out.

Score: 6 - 6

10th top
Pitcher: Haffman
Toujima - Hit along third base line. Advanced to 2nd base.
Kibata - Sacrifice bunt, one out. Toujima advanced to 3rd base.
Kojiro - Ball, Ball, Ball, Foul, 4 Ball.
Pitcher: Gibson
Fukidome (pinch hitter) - Three strikes in a row. Two out.
Mitsunaka - Three strikes in a row.
10th bottom
Pitcher: Shigneo
Hawkings - 3 strikes
Barns - 3 strikes
Bolton - 3 strikes

Score: 6-6

11th Top
Pitcher: Gibson
Matsuo - hit the ball on the first pitch and went towards the second base after touching the ground. Hartman(?) intercepted the ball and passed it to first, forcing Matsuo out.
Mitamura - hit the ball on the first pitch, but it was a fly that didn't travel very far. Two out.
Sato - hit the ball on the first pitch. The ball touched ground then got caught by Cesar, who passed it to first base and forced Sato out.
11th Bottom
Pitcher: Shigeno
Gibson Jr. - Three strikes in a row.
Gonzales - A fly ball towards the second base. Two out.
Hartman - 3 strikes.

Score: 6-6

12~15th inning

(details unknown. During Gibson's pitching, at least 6 Japanese batters got onto the base, but none of them hit the ball into the outfields.)

Score: 6-6

16th Top
Pitcher: Gibson
Matsuo - hit the first pitch into the right field, and got on to the second base.
Mitamura - hit the first pitch, ground ball towards second base. Matsuo on third base, Mitamura out.
Sato - Strike, Ball. On the third pitch, Sato attempted a sacrifice bunt, Gibson forced his pitch to go ball in the middle of his pitch, and Sato barely touch the ball with his bat, fouling it. Ball. Foul. Foul. Foul. Ground ball towards pitcher, Gibson passes to home, tagging Matsuo out. 2 out, Sato on first base.
Iwaoka - Hit the ball on the first pitch, flying towards third base, caught by Gibson Jr. 3 out.
16th Bottom
Pitcher: Shigeno

Score Board

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Japan 3 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 1
USA 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 2 0
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 R
Japan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6
USA 0 0 0 0 0 0 6