Chapter 588 - "One-Third Game"

Neither team scored in the second inning. Then in the third inning, Toshiya managed to bring two runners home, extending Japan's lead to 5 - 0.

From his hospital bed, Gibson watches as the TV broadcaster announcing USA switching to a third pitcher. When a nurse came by to take Gibson's temperature, she found him missing.

Mayumura managed to strike out USA's top rotation in the bottom third inning, while Gibson called a taxi to get to the Detco Park.

Chapter 589 - "The Absent Pillar"

Mayumura pitched a no-hit 4th inning. Noro commented that Mayumura's shuuto is especially effective against American right-batters.

The USA team moral is pretty low, due to the 5 - 0 lead that Japan has. Manager Haring thinks they could really use some moral support, but unfortunately Gibson's not there.

As Alex was ranting to himself in the bathroom about the Gibsons, he ran into Gibson. Just then, two people had orders from the doctor to bring Gibson back to the hospital, revealing that they knew about Gibson's heart disease. Gibson told the two people not to worry, that he just wanted to be at the side of his comrades, who are giving their all for the pride of their country. Gibson just wanted to cheer his comrades on.

Alex was stunned by the resolve and the serious attitude Gibson has towards baseball, and his eyes burned with a new resolve.

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