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  • July 2003 ~ January 2004- Goro rehabilitation
  • October 2003 (approx) - Joe Gibson of the New York Titans accomplished the feat of 22 wins 8 loses in the season at the age of 41. His total wins has gone over 300, and accomplished it in only 16 years pitching in the MLB (not counting the 3 years he spent in Japan), the fastest in Baseball history.
  • October 2003 (approx) - Goro turned down scouts from the Yokohama Marine Stars and Tokyo Giants, planning to go to America.
  • November 2003 - Mayumura enters Yokohma Marine Stars. Satoh enters Tokyo Giants.
  • February 2004 - Goroh departs for America. Attended Spring Training for the Anaheim Salmons in Arizona. Played one game for the Salmons, and one game for the 3A Cougars. Met Gibson Jr. and got into physical fight. Joined 3A Memphis Bats.
  • June 2004 - The Bats rose to the first place in the Easter Division of the Western League. Jeff King joined the Bats as a new catcher.
  • August 30, 2004 - Memphis Bats won the championship of the Eastern Divison of the Western League.
  • Auguest 31, 2004 - Goro made it to the 40-Man roster of the Hornets.
  • September 1st, 2004 - First post-season game of the Wester League. Bats vs Sharks, Falcons vs Jets.
  • Early September 2004 - Bats win 3A Championship.
  • October~November 2004 - Goro played in the Arizona Fall League for the Indiana Hornets.
  • December 2004 - Goro returns to Japan for the off season